AJLA was founded to address some of the inequities in educational access that exist in Fairfield County. By providing an independently-funded, high-quality education to some of the youngest students in the City of Bridgeport, AJLA’s goal is to give children a solid foundation in learning to help them build a more hopeful and equitable future for themselves and their community.


The Adam J. Lewis Academy Difference

With a unique program encompassing school, home, and future, AJLA delivers a high-quality classroom experience that strengthens both cognitive and character skills; empowers families to reinforce and extend their children’s education at home; and works with both AJLA students and their families to help them experience success beyond our doors.

Prospective Students and Families

AJLA actively seeks students and families who will take advantage of the opportunities the School provides – who will not only embrace our strong education program but also our character, values, and social-emotional programming as well. When reviewing an applicant, the biggest consideration is if the School will be able to meet the student’s academic and social-emotional needs and if the student will thrive in the AJLA environment. Students entering in higher grades must be close to or at grade level to be considered. Given AJLA’s strong emphasis on parent involvement in encouraging a child’s success, the fit of the family is essential, as well. Families that are willing to become involved and take advantage of all that the school has to offer, to learn alongside the school and their child, are ideal fits for AJLA.

Sliding-Scale Tuition

AJLA uses a sliding-scale tuition model which supports the school’s mission of diversity and equity in education. Each family pays only what they can afford based on demonstrated financial need after a careful review of both their income and expenses. The cost to educate an AJLA student is $20,000 per year. 100% of our families receive financial assistance.

Program at a Glance

  • Breakfast offered daily at 7:30 am
  • School drop off at 7:45 am
  • School starts at 8 am
  • Innovative, project-based curriculum
  • 6:1 PreK student:teacher ratio
  • 9:1 K-5th grade student:teacher ratio
  • Co-Curriculars include: music, art, physical education, chorus
  • Tutoring and enrichment
  • PreK dismissal at 3:30 pm
  • K-5th grade dismissal 3:45 pm
  • Optional Late Day Program for K-5th grade students offered daily from 3:45 to 4:45 pm


What time does school start? What time does it end?
Drop off is from 7:45AM – 8:00AM. AJLA’s school day begins at 8:00AM and ends at 3:30PM for PreK3. The school day ends at 3:45PM for K-5th.

Are meal(s) provided to students and if so, is it an additional fee?
A healthy lunch is provided to all students as part of tuition. Lunch is served family style and includes a nutritious well-balanced meal. There is no additional fee.

We offer an optional free breakfast program that begins at 7:30 AM each day and includes cereal, yogurt, and fruit. All food allergies are taken into consideration. Additionally, snacks are provided daily.

Is there an After School program?
Students who are in K-5th may take advantage of the after school program. The program starts at 3:45PM and ends at 4:45PM everyday. Faculty and Staff members oversee activities for our students during that time. For families participating in the After School Program, there is a nominal fee.

Does AJLA provide transportation?
Parents are required to provide transportation for their children to and from school. There is no bus service at this time.

Are there any co-curricular classes offered?
Art, Music and Physical Education are all part of the AJLA curriculum.

Is there a school uniform?
AJLA students in Kindergarten and above are required to wear our uniform. Shirts must be dark/hunter green or white with a collar.
Students may wear khaki pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers.
Sweaters, fleeces, cardigans and layers worn inside must also be dark/hunter green or white.

Are there health requirements?
All students at AJLA must provide up to date forms for physicals and flu shots.

How can I afford AJLA?
Financial assistance will be provided to all families and is determined according to a family’s income and need. Once tuition has been determined, the family receives an enrollment contract for that amount. Decisions are awarded on a CONFIDENTIAL, individual basis.

Parent Testimonials

“We have really seen our son thrive.”

“The school does a wonderful job incorporating the entire family and making sure their needs are met.”

“My son loves going to school!”

“We feel like you really see and understand our child, in both areas of strength and areas for growth.”

“Her teachers are like family who know her so well.”

“The school truly cares and it is comforting to know that these are people who are guiding my child’s future.”

“We are so happy he has a warm, loving environment that he enjoys so much outside of family.”

“I love how everyone works together as a community to help better each individual.”

“I appreciate how you pull parents in – it’s a commitment that we need. You stress the importance of the partnership.”

“The entire staff at AJLA exceeds our expectations and we could not be happier with the program.”

“We feel completely blessed that this school exists in Bridgeport.”