Philosophy and Pillars

Our Philosophy

We take great care in blending the best educational philosophies, using a variety of tools and resources to create a hybrid program that is engaging, dynamic, and child-driven.

We follow the science of learning and provide a rigorous program of study with a special emphasis on providing effective and appropriate skill instruction. A robust academic program can and must include wonder, joy and discovery. For grades K-5th, we combine science-based curriculums to effectively teach essential language and math skills with investigative thematic units that provide meaningful, hands-on opportunities to practice these skills. This unique curriculum breaks the learning into essential parts while enveloping them in engaging topics that help children not only seehow the parts work together in a meaningful way but fosters a deeper level of learning and engagement. AJLA teachers work to meet the needs of all learners through differentiated instruction and through research-based curriculum and methods. Small class size and a personalized approach ensure each child discovers their own self, their own pace and their own path to success.


AJLA’s greatest hope is to develop empathetic, curious, and respectful individuals who graduate into future leaders of tomorrow. The following are our guideposts to instill these qualities in our students:


"I am honest and reflective"

"I choose to do what is right, even when no one is watching"

"I am accountable for my actions"


"I make the most of each day"

"I learn from my mistakes"

"I don’t give up"


"I am curious"

"I find joy in learning"

"I am open to new ideas"


"I listen carefully"

"I speak kindly"

"I care for my community"


"I take opportunities to lead"

"I am bold and creative"

"I seek help when I need it"

Our classrooms are inclusive spaces where students feel accepted for who they are and comfortable taking risks that unlock their creativity and stretch them academically.