AJLA Community


Backed by significant research, AJLA strongly believes that children whose parents are involved and engaged in their child’s school achieve more success in school and in life. Involvement by every parent is essential and mandatory and part of the working culture and community at AJLA. Below is a summary of the participation that is required of every AJLA parent in return for the educational opportunity their child is given.

All AJLA parents are required to attend:

New Parent Orientation (1st year parents)

8 Parent Academy Classes (1st year parents)

Curriculum Night – September

Parent/Teacher Conferences #1 – November

Holiday Gathering – December

Parent/Teacher Conference #2 – March

End of Year Ceremonies

Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a month or 10 hours for the school year. Some volunteer opportunities include:

Helping at lunch or breakfast

Being a Class Parent for your child’s class

Being a Parent Council officer

Helping with unique needs that arise

Working or planning school events

Assisting in child’s classroom

Attending Parent Council meetings