Early Childhood

naturally curious

AJLA teachers understand that children are naturally curious and cultivate that sense of wonder into a lifelong love of learning by encouraging questions that lead to deeper discovery.

Our Project-based curriculum makes learning an active and exciting experience for children, leading them to greater understanding. 

We take play seriously in the early grades because decades of research have shown it develops creativity, resilience, executive function and problem-solving skills, allowing our youngest learners to meet academic challenges with joy and confidence.

Our Prek3 Program emphasizes the development of languages both receptive and expressive as well as social-emotional skills. PreK4 promotes readiness for the challenging AJLA  elementary curriculum with an emphasis placed on developing auditory phonemic awareness skills.

Teachers celebrate individual students within the group and honor their backgrounds while crafting experiences that build community through problem solving and play. In short order, children develop a sense of belonging and come to see learning as great fun.