Why Bridgeport?

“Something is profoundly wrong when we can point to two-year-olds in this country and make a plausible bet about their long-term outcomes—not based on their brains and capabilities, but on their ZIP codes.”

—Nicholas D. Kristof

Connecticut has the widest achievement gap in the nation. Bridgeport is the state's largest and lowest-performing school district.

In Bridgeport, CT:

  • 40% of children live in poverty;
  • Children typically enter kindergarten a full year and a half behind in language skills;
  • By 3rd grade, less than 30% of students are on track academically;
  • 86% of 4th graders cannot read proficiently, and 74% lack basic math skills;
  • Of 9th grade students, only 56% will graduate from high school, 18% will go to college, and 3% will complete college

A child’s ability to learn can increase more than 25% in a stimulating environment.