What to Bring



  • 1 set of extra clothing – including pants, shirts, socks, and underwear
  • Jacket – lightweight or winter weight depending on the season
  • Hat & Mittens – in fall/winter
  • Snow Boots & Snow Pants – in winter


Lunch is a time for socialization as well as for developing healthy eating habits and table manners. AJLA Chef Enel creates a homemade, healthy lunch for all students everyday. All children eat in our family-style dining room with the teachers.


All children should bring a backpack to school. Parents should check their child’s backpack every afternoon; this is where schoolwork and teacher communications will be sent home.


All PreK and Kindergarten students take advantage of a daily rest time. AJLA will provide PreK students with a nap cot, with a clean, fitted sheet and a quilt. On the first day of school, please bring a pillow and comfort item that your child can keep with him or her throughout the year. Kindergarten students have mats for rest.

Please label all items with your child’s name. Children should not bring personal property, such as toys, to school.