A young child's journey to success begins with you.


All AJLA students attend the Academy on a scholarship, paying only as they can afford toward a total per year cost of $16,000.
Thank you for joining with us to ensure that every child in our program is empowered to succeed.

Donations of any amount are welcome, and will immediately impact the lives of our students.

Giving Suggestions


Funds books for one student,

supporting critical literacy development.


Funds one parent workshop,

empowering parents and families.


Funds one class field trip,

extending education beyond the classroom.


Funds summer camp for one student,

nurturing year-long growth.


Funds after-school care for one student,

supporting continuous learning.


Funds one year of class music lessons,

providing enriching arts education.


Funds one year of high-quality preschool experience for an underserved child,

changing a life.